​Sem Dney publishing house celebrates 25th anniversary
23 October 2020

One of the leading publishing houses in Russia, Sem Dney, will celebrate its 25th anniversary on October 24. The publishing house started off with the launch of a TV guide of the same name. In the 25 years that followed, Sem Dney expanded its portfolio and became a modern, dynamically growing print media business. Today the publishing house oversees three print editions and the entertainment online outlet 7days.ru.

“I congratulate the staff of the publishing house on its anniversary. In its 25 years, the publishing house has come a long way and became an integral part of the modern Russian print media market. Over these years, the projects of the Sem Dney publishing house have acquired a loyal readership and consolidated their leading positions in the glossy magazine segment. Print media are going through difficult times at the moment, but they continue to grow. Sem Dney has ambitious tasks ahead of it - to write its new story, but this time, in the digital sphere. I wish its creative team and professional managers plenty of inspiration and success as they carry out this digital transformation and win new loyal fans,” said Alexander Zharov, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding.

The flagship project of the Sem Dney publishing house is its weekly television guide Sem Dney TV-Programma (Sem Dney TV Program), which published its first issue in December 1995. More than 1,300 issues with the “lucky seven” on the cover have been published over the next 25 years. Now, just as a quarter of a century ago, Sem Dney is one of the most popular publications about celebrities and show business. It is read by people of all ages. At the moment, each issue of the TV guide gets almost 1.8 million readers, which makes it one of the Top 3 print TV guides in Russia.

Sem Dney has also published two monthly magazines, Karavan Istorii (Caravan of Stories) and Kollektsiya Karavana Istorii (Caravan of Stories Collection), since 1998 and 2006, respectively. Both of these magazines are holding on to their positions among Russia’s Top 5 women’s magazines and fashion magazines in terms of readership. Since the magazines’ launch, their editors have created their own recognizable style of giving content, which has become a pioneer in the journalistic storytelling style in the country. This style requires the writers to get exclusive information, and turn it into a story that can be conveyed to the readers in an engaging way.

The Sem Dney team has also been working on its digital products since 2012, notably the entertainment online resource 7days.ru about celebrities and the biggest events in culture and society life. As of now, the online outlet has not only earned respect and admiration from the readers, but also took a prominent place on the market among online media about celebrities. Since its launch, 7days.ru has published more than 114,000 articles and got more than 1,545,000,000 visits. In addition to the more familiar reading materials, the outlet’s team also creates video content for its YouTube channel. Thanks to this, its readers can get a behind-the-scenes look at celebrity photoshoots and watch exclusive backstage footage from photoshoots done exclusively for the publishing house’s print media.

The essence of Sem Dney publishing house is not only its popular products and familiar brands. It is also its top-notch team - all the talented journalists, editors and media managers. A special mention should be made here about Dmitry Biryukov. The founder of the publishing house has also been its leader for almost 25 years. Sem Dney was able to take its top place in the media industry and maintain it in large part thanks to Dmitry Biryukov’s energy and charisma, as well as the professionalism of the publishing house’s team.