​Gazprom-Media Holding receives eight awards for best social projects in Russia
18 September 2020

The awards ceremony for the annual national program Best Social Projects in Russia was held on September 17. Gazprom-Media Holding and its TV channels NTV, Friday! TV-3 and Match Premier received eight awards in five nominations.

Gazprom-Media Holding won an award in the “Education and science” nomination for its project #GPMTrendy (Gazprom-Media Trends). This was a series of educational meetups and master classes with the company’s managers. The project launched in 2018 and was timed to the Holding's 20th anniversary.

NTV’s project Puteshestvie Deda Moroza s NTV (The Journey of Santa Claus with NTV) received an award in the “Charity” nomination. The project is a large-scale charity campaign in which the country’s official Santa Claus, together with NTV hosts and film crew, takes a trip to various places in the country ahead of the New Year and helps make dreams come true for people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. In the four years that the project has been carried out, the NTV crew visited more than 300 social institutions and 300 low-income or large families, gave more than 500 tons of gifts, organized hundreds of holiday surprises and more than 150 concerts.

NTV’s documentary Do i Posle... (Before and After...) won in the nomination “Helping gifted children and youth”. The film tells the stories of children left without parental care who took part in the TV channel’s musical project Ty Super! (You are Super!). In telling these real-life stories, the documentary shows how Ty Super! changed the lives of children and helped make their dreams a reality.

NTV channel also received an award in the nomination “Socially responsible mass media” for supporting charity projects on air. The TV channel continues to show and develop content about social causes. This includes its singing contest Ty Super!, as well as the program Zhdi Menya (Wait for me), the show Sekret na Million (Secret Worth a Million), and the charity campaign Puteshestvie Deda Moroza s NTV. Moreover, NTV’s news programs have been supporting charitable and social projects for many years. The channel released about 100 news items about charity topics in 2019, and fundraised about 200 million rubles for the main subjects of these news items as well as charity foundations.

Two projects by Friday! TV channel also won awards in the same nomination. These are the shows Patsanky (Tomboys) and Revizorro. Patsanky is a reality show that serves as a real social experiment. The show’s heroines are young women who have had difficult lives. Professional coaches and psychologists help them to overcome bad habits and change their lives for the better. The channel has aired the project since 2016 with the fifth season scheduled to launch on September 24, 2020. Revizorro has likewise become the channel’s flashship show. It has changed the country’s service industry, increased the quality of hotel service, and attracted the attention of authorities to problems in the restaurant sector.

TV-3 channel also won in the “Socially responsible mass media” category for its documentary project Vernuvshiesya (Those Who Returned). This project tells the stories of missing people and the search for them. It also explains what to do if you or one of your loved ones cannot find the way home. Since this program went on air, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of calls to missing people hotlines in the first 24 hours after a person has disappeared, which helps to find people quicker. The project has also increased the general knowledge of the population on what to do when getting lost in the wilderness or the city, and what to do if one of their relatives or friends goes missing.

The charitable campaign of Match Premier channel, called Kommentatory v Gostyah u Detei (Sports Commentators Visit Children), won in the nomination “Projects that support vulnerable population groups”. The channel’s team visited the children of the Maikop special education school where the commentators Alexander Shmurnov, Roman Naguchev, Alexander Aksyonov and Mikhail Melamed played football with troubled teenagers, took them on a tour of the Krasnodar stadium, and also gave them gifts and TV equipment to watch sports channels.This campaign is an example of how Match Premier promotes a healthy lifestyle, and also gives guidance to youth and difficult teenagers.

Gazprom-Media Holding has taken part in the Best Social Projects in Russia program since 2017. In this time, the Holding’s companies have received 28 awards for their social and charity-oriented initiatives.