​14 Gazprom-Media Holding representatives included in TOP 1000 Russian Managers rating
15 September 2020

The Russian Managers Association (RMA) released its annual rating of the Top 1000 Russian Managers together with Kommersant publishing house on September 15. The rating includes 14 representatives of Gazprom-Media Holding’s companies in the “Media Business” and “Communications and Telecommunications” categories.

The rating of top executives in the “Media Business” category included deputy general manager and chief producer of NTV channel Timur Weinstein (who is also the chief producer of PREMIER video service as of June 2020), the general manager of Gazprom-Media sales house Ekaterina Veselkova and the first deputy general manager of Friday! TV channel Valentina Kulikova.

Among the top executives in the “Communications and Telecommunications” category the rating recognized the general manager of NTV-Plus Natalya Gorbunova, as well as the deputy CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding Yulia Golubeva who was heading Krutoy Media at the time when the rating was compiled.

Seven representatives of the Holding were included in the rating’s “Media Business” category as managers of the company’s functional areas. The Top 5 of these listings included Friday! channel’s deputy general manager of marketing and digital Artemy Gladchenko, financial director of Gazprom-Media sales house Vilena Takaeva, as well as deputy general manager of communications at Ekho Moskvy Lyubov Komarova.

The rating also included NTV channel’s marketing director Anastasia Lisova, NTV’s commercial director Roman Antonenko, deputy general manager of sales at Gazprom-Media sales house Alina Efimova and its director of marketing and research Olga Timofeeva.

Timur Spiridonov, director of marketing at NTV-Plus, and Dmitry Mozzhegorov, director of information technologies at NTV-Plus, were included in the rating of “Communication and Telecommunications” functional area managers.