​Gazprom-Media’s television channels win eight Association of Film and Television Producers awards
16 March 2018

The VI ceremony for the Association of Film and Television Producers awards took place on March 15 in Moscow. The works of the television channels NTV, TNT and TV-3 received eight Association awards, including the most prestigious awards for the best made-for-TV film, comedy TV series, script and best executive producer. The works of Gazprom-Media’s own production companies, KIT Film Studio and Good Story Media, received the highest praise.

NTV channel received five Association awards. The action drama Beglets (The Fugitive) by KIT Film Studio was named “Best television movie.” The movie’s storyline on how a person who is used to going with the flow becomes a hero has spiked the interest of a wide audience and led the film to victory in one of the most prestigious awards nominations.

The professional prize for “Best script” went to Alexey Slapovsky, who offered viewers the psychological detective story Consultant. This work was also made by KIT Film Studio and has become one of the most popular TV series of the past year.

According to expert opinion, the “Best costume design” title was given for the looks of the characters in the screen version of Alexey Tolstoy’s novel Hozhdenie po Mukam (The Road to Calvary). The costumes created by Irina Ivanova were put on display at the State Historical Museum in October last year, as part of an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

The “Best executive producer” title went to Irina Bark whose efforts made the screen version of Hozhdenie po Mukam possible. It is important to note that the winner of this professional award was selected for the first time in the history of the Association awards.

Svetlana Hodchenkova also contributed a victory to NTV channel. She was recognized by the members of the Association as “Best supporting actress” for her role as Liza Rastorguyeva in the screen version of Hozhdenie po Mukam.

“The creation of a television project is the work of a huge team, where the role of each person is important. We are happy that the professional victories, which occurred during the creation of our series, received high marks from the Association’s jury. The awarding of any prestigious prize promotes the development of the industry, but the recognition of professionals is the most valuable of all,” said Timur Weinstein, chief producer of NTV.

For the second year in a row, the Association’s jury has named the TV series Olga as the “Best comedy series” on Russian television. The series, created by TNT channel and Good Story Media, won a TEFI award in 2017 and is among the top 10 most in-demand TV series online, according to Yandex.

TNT received another Association award for the work of Sergey Burunov, who was recognized as the “Best supporting actor” for his role as Lieutenant Colonel Yakovlev in the TV series Politseysky s Rublyovki: V Beskudnikovo (The Policeman from Rublyovka. In Beskudnikovo).

TV-3 got a special prize for the successful distribution of a film series. In 2017, Gogol was among the top three most successful film releases of the summer period.

The film Dvizhenie Vverh (Going Vertical), produced by TRITE studio and Russia 1 TV channel with the participation of Central Partnership as a co-investor and distributor, was recognized as the best full-length feature film.