​Friday! and Match TV channels receive three Promax BDA Asia awards
01 December 2017

The winners of the Promax BDA Asia 2017 awards were announced in Singapore on December 1. The channels Friday! and Match TV received three awards at the prestigious international competition in the field of television marketing.

The promotional video by Friday! Patsanki 2 (Tomboys 2) won gold in the nomination “Best promo reality show.” The channel also received a silver award in the nomination “Best sound design” for the promotional video to the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

In the promo of the Patsanki 2 reality show actresses who play the roles of tomboys transform into society ladies as they take part in a tough battle. The idea for the video came from Nikolay Kartozia, the general manager of the television channel Friday!, while the famous clip maker Konstantin Cherepkov acted as the director of the video.

These two recent awards bump Friday! TV channel’s total count of Promax BDA awards up to five.

Match TV won the silver prize in the nomination “Best promo of a special event” for the video about the Winter Military World Games. Last year the TV channel won a gold award at Promax BDA Asia in the nomination “Best sports promo.”