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29 June
​Gazprom-Media Holding to renew management team

Gazprom-Media Holding is announcing new appointments to its top management. Svetlana Fefilova, Yulia Golubeva and Ruben Oganesov, who currently serve as advisors to the CEO, will be appointed deputy CEOs.

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21 June
​Gazprom-Media Holding and Medical Volunteers begin long-term cooperation

On June 21, Medical Worker Day, the CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding Alexander Zharov and the chairman of Russia’s Public Movement of Medical Volunteers Pavel Savchuk signed an agreement of cooperation. As part of this agreement, the Holding’s federal TV channels - NTV, TNT, Friday!, TV-3, Match TV, Super, TNT4 and 2x2 - will support the initiatives of the Medical Volunteers movement on an ongoing basis. The agreement also extends to Avtoradio, one of the largest commercial radio stations in Russia, the video service PREMIER, and the assets of Gazprom-Media KIT. Other assets of the Holding could also be called on to provide informational support for the movement in the future.

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17 June
​Consolidated revenues of Gazprombank’s “Media-Business” segment grew 5% in Q1 2020

On June 17, Gazprombank published the financial results for January-March 2020. The key indicators for Gazprom-Media Holding are presented within the “Media-Business” segment.

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16 June
​Gazprom-Media Holding bolsters PREMIER’s management team

Gazprom-Media Holding, the leading diversified media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, has announced staffing changes in the management of its PREMIER video platform. Ivan Grodetsky became the service’s CEO as of June 16, while Timur Weinstein has been appointed to a special new position as its chief producer.

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11 June
​Gazprom-Media Holding successfully completes PREMIER’s transfer to new platform

Gazprom-Media Holding has announced that it has successfully completed the transfer of the PREMIER OTT-service to its own infrastructure and Gazprom-Media’s video platform. The transfer was planned and carried out in order to improve the efficiency of the service. Following the transfer, the project’s infrastructure meets the requirements for a greater load on the service, while flexible software solutions are adapted to the speed with which PREMIER carries out its creative plans.

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