Our History

Our History


Gazprom creates Gazprom-media, a subsidiary to manage its media assets management. At that time, Gazprom owned TV and Radio Company Prometheus AST, the Trud daily, a controlling stake in Tribuna newspape, 30% shares of NTV, and 3% stake in ORT.


Gazprom-media aquires the TV channels NTV, TNT, satellite operator NTV-PLUS, the Seven Days Publisher, Ekho Moskvy radio station and others. Since then, Gazprom-Media becomes a leading player in the media market and stakes on business development in all segments of the media industry.


TNT launches Dom 2 show that would successfully air for over 11 years, making Dom-2 the longest reality show in the history of Russia.


NTV launched the Mentovskiye voiny series. For 10 years, the show has steadily been in the top ten of the most popular television projects.

TNT releases the first episode of Comedy Club show. For over a decade Comedy Club has been the most popular comedy show on Russian television.


Seven Days Publishing House launches the first magazine "Caravan of stories. Collection". The uniqueness of the project was that the stories are told by heroes themselves and their loved ones.


NTV releases the Glukhar series. The average audience share of Glukhar accounted for 35% of Russian TV audience.

An Internet company Rutube is becoming a part of Gazprom-Media. Today Rutube is one of the leading Internet companies on the Russian market.

TNT starts airing Univer sitcom, one of the longest sitcoms on Russian TV.


Gazprom-Media Sales House established on the basis of NTV-Media begins its work. New sales house sells advertisements on Gazprom-media's owned TV and radio stations.


TNT launches the Interny series. In the first year the series revealed an average share of 18%.


The video advertising seller Gazprom-Media Digital launched its operation offering to post video ad formats on the largest Russian Internet video resources, including portals RuTube, Now.ru, Tnt-online.ru, Championat.ru, Dom2.ru, Karaoke.ru, Molodejj.tv , Tvigle.ru, etc. Now Gazprom-media Digital offers more than 30 online resources.

Comedy Club Production becomes part of Gazprom-Media and a key strategic partner of TNT channel.


By acquiring Prof-Media group of companies, Gazprom-Media expands its asset base with TV channels TV3, Friday! and 2x2, the radio stations Autoradio, Radio Energy, Radio Romantika and Humor FM, a film company Central Partnership. Thus, Gazprom-Media has strengthened its position in the segment of television, film and radio, becoming the largest media company in Russia and Eastern Europe.

TNT signes an exclusive agreement with Good Story Media studio.

Gazprom-media gets control over Alcasar-media, a regional sales operator, and strengths its commercial presence in the regions.


Gazprom-media's radio division launches Like FM, a new technology music radio project.

A new free-to-air sports channel Match TV began airing on November 1, 2015.

Gazprom-media launched Alkasar content service that offers Russian regional TV channels access to Gazprom-media’s TV content.


Gazprom-Media launched new federal TV channel TNT4.

In January, as part of the cooperation agreement with the Mariinsky Theater, Gazprom-media started shooting theater’s premiere and the most popular stage plays in ultra-high 4K resolution.

Gazprom-media signed agreements on strategic cooperation with China’s leading media companies Shanghai Media Group, People's Daily Online and China Central Television (CCTV). The partners focused on production, development and distribution of film, TV and digital content in two countries.

Gazprom-media acquired 33.3% stake in the leading online distribution system Pladform. Joint venture Ruform created by combining the assets of Pladform and Gazprom-media’s Rutube forms the leading video platform in Russia.

TNT sold format of its original top-rated series The Interns to Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation marking the first-ever adaption of the Russian series in China.


Launch of TNT4, a new entertainment television channel.

The Ruform alliance is formed by combining the Rutube video service with the largest video content distribution network in Runet, Pladform. Gazprom-Media Holding owns 33.3% of Ruform’s shares.

The Holding expands its presence in film production by establishing KIT Film Studio.


The Holding becomes one of the founders of the National Advertising Alliance, a single advertising seller. It controls a 25% stake in the Alliance.


The Holding expands its presence in the entertainment television segment and launches Super, a new federal channel for families.