​Olympusat media holding acquires rights to six TV series and 10 documentaries by NTV
18 November 2020

Olympusat, one of the largest media holdings in the United States and Latin America, has acquired the rights to six TV series and 10 documentaries made by NTV.

The package of the first deal includes the detective series Zhivoy (Alive) and Consultant with Kirill Kyaro in the lead role, the gripping action series Mertv na 99% (99% Dead) in which Aleksey Chadov played two roles at same time, the historical detective series Rostov about the standoff between Soviet investigators and local crime gangs, the adventure series about a fire department Liniya Ognya (Line of Fire), and an action-packed thriller Zhivaya Mina (Living Mine) about a former sapper.

The American distributor also got the rights to the NTV documentaries Severny Morskoy Put (Northern Sea Route), Polyus Dolgoletiya (Pole of Longevity), Kortezh (Cortege), and others.

According to the agreement, Olympusat can show these series and documentaries online, as well as on Pay TV in the United States and all Latin American countries.

Notably, these NTV projects will be available to subscribers of the new AVOD platform, Free TV, which launched in May 2020. This platform is currently available in several Latin American countries, including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia. At the moment, Free TV has more than 1.1 users and is available - among other ways - through the Roku set-top box whose sales are surpassing those of the TV set-top boxes from Apple, Google and Amazon. The platform will also soon be available in the United States. As part of the deal, all of the series and documentaries acquired from NTV will be dubbed in Spanish.