​Shout! Studios acquires rights to horror films Vdova and Privorot. Chernoye Venchanie for North America
17 November 2020

Shout! Studios, a multi-platform company (part of Shout! Factory) has acquired all types of rights to show the Russian horror films Vdova (Widow) and Privorot. Chernoe Venchanie (Dark Spell: Black Wedding) in North America. The films were made by Central Partnership and QS Films and premiered at the American Film Market 2020.

Shout! Studios previously acquired the rights to another film by Svyatoslav Podgaevsky and Ivan Kapitonov - Rusalka. Ozero Mertvykh (Mermaid. Lake of the Dead). That film was then released on digital platforms and immediately made it into Redbox, a prestigious network of automated DVD and Blu-Ray sales across the country.

Vdova and Privorot. Chernoe Venchanie will be released in the United States in the first half of 2021. In addition to the US, these horror films have also been sold to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, South-East Asia and Latin America.

Central Partnership (part of Gazprom-Media Holding) is handling the international distribution rights for the films.