​TNT and Denis Simachev release capsule collection ahead of Pereval Dyatlova premiere
11 November 2020

TNT channel will start showing the miniseries Pereval Dyatlova (Dead Mountain - The Dyatlov Pass Incident) on November 16. The series will also be available to PREMIER video service subscribers.

Pereval Dyatlova is a mix of mystical drama and documentary thriller. It looks at the events that took place in 1959 when a group of students went on a tourist trip into the Ural Mountains, under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov, and mysteriously perished.

Russian fashion designer Denis Simachev is releasing a capsule collection in time for the premiere of the series, in which Pyotr Fyodorov plays the lead role. The collection is inspired by the story of these Soviet students and 1950-60s hiking fashions. Items in the collection include a quilted jacket, an oversize ski sweater, T-shirts and sweatshirts.

There are two storylines in the Pereval Dyatlova series, which run parallel to each other. The first, in colour, is the investigation of the tragedy by KGB major Oleg Kostin. The second, filmed in black and white, is an artistic reconstruction of the students’ trip and preparations for it. Evgeny Nikishov and Valery Fyodorovich directed and produced Pereval Dyatlova while Pavel Kostomarov served as its creative director.

The atmosphere of the series is reflected in Denis Simachev’s collection - clothing items will be available in colour and black-and-white versions. The actors from Pereval Dyatlova - Maria Matsel, Irina Kasamara, Maxim Emelyanov and Ivan Mulin - took part in a photoshoot dedicated to the collection’s release.