​New series Sekta to air on TNT-PREMIER
14 May 2019

The mystical, psychological thriller Sekta (The Sect) will premiere on TNT-PREMIER on May 23. All eight episodes of the first season will be available to the subscribers of the premium online service on the day of the series premiere.

The TNT-PREMIER online platform continues to offer exclusive content that is available only to its subscribers. The new project Sekta blends drama and psychological thriller genres. The series was created for the premium OTT-platform by Good Story Media producers Anton Zaitsev, Anton Schukin and Artem Loginov. They are known for their work on the TV series Zvonite DiCaprio! (Call DiCaprio!), Olga, Fizruk (Gym Teacher) and Realnye Patsany (Real Guys).

Sekta was directed by Gela Babluani, two-time award winner at the Sundance Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival. Popular Russian film actress Svetlana Khodchenkova plays the lead role in the series.