​Match! Club app reaches 2 million subscribers
07 December 2016

The Match! Club mobile app has surpassed the 2 million subscriber mark in the first days of December. Less than a week ago the application got its own page on the Match TV site, http://matchtv.ru/match-club. Thanks to the high activity of the users and their interest in the mobile app’s content this fall, the application receives regular updates every month.

The growth in the app’s popularity did not go unnoticed by the App Store, the largest online store in the world, which put Match! Club in third place in the category “Our favourite applications.” Given that the total number of applications available on the App Store already exceeds a billion, a third place in this prestigious category clearly indicates at the impressive breakthrough and interest to the content offered by Match! Club.

“We regard this high interest in the application as a significant achievement by the whole team of the channel. We can say it is a record,” said Tina Kandelaki, general producer of Match TV. “We were able to offer the youth audience a product that allowed fans to return to television viewing. Right now young people, in general, don’t have an interest in television, but online sports content is quite another matter, as we can see. Looking ahead to the future, we expect to continue to take into account the interests of the channel’s young viewers and to pay special attention to them.”

Match! Club is a Russian leader in the segment of mobile applications with a second screen function. The constant growth in the number of its users is the best indicator of the demand for this application among Match TV viewers and sports fans.