Igor Fyodorov
Member of the Board of Directors


1987–1989 – Senior Legal Advisor at the Lengoroblispolkom General Directorate of Trade.

1989–2002 – Employed at the St. Petersburg City College of Lawyers.

2002–2003 – Head of the Federal Agency for Legal Protection of Military, Special and Dual-Use Intellectual Property at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

2003–2006 – Employed at Gazprom Komplektatsiya (former – Gazkomplektimpex).

2006–2007 – Director General, Gazprom Komplektatsiya.

2007–2017 – Member of the Management Committee, Gazprom; Director General, Gazprom Komplektatsiya.

Since March 2017 – Member of the Management Committee, Head of Department 104, Gazprom.

Igor Fyodorov was born on April 4, 1965, in Leningrad. Igor Fyodorov graduated from Leningrad State University majoring in Law and from St. Petersburg State Service and Economy Academy majoring in Enterprise Economics and Management. He earned his MBA degree at St. Petersburg International Management Institute. Igor Fyodorov has a PhD in Economics.