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The company's main focus is the production of content for the TNT television channel. Comedy Club Production has created and launched an overwhelming majority of the channel's entertainment shows and series including Comedy Club, Comedy Woman, Tanzy (Dances), Odnazhdy v Rossii (Once Upon a Time in Russia), Stand-Up, Comedy Battle, Nasha Russia (Our Russia), Univer and Interns.

Comedy Club Production was established in 2007 by Artur Janibekyan after the successful launch of the television show Comedy Club, which he co-created. The Comedy Club television project has been broadcast on TNT for more than 10 years and has consistently ranked among the channel's top programs.

Gazprom-media’s TNT channel acquired a major interest in Comedy Club Production in 2011. As a result of this deal, the production company was able to bring together Russia's strongest creative and technical capacities, the best actors and writers, for collaborative work on its television projects.

Artur Janibekyan served as the general manager of Comedy Club Production since 2011 until he became the head of Gazprom-Media Holding's Entertainment TV Group in March 2015. Andrey Levin is the company's current general manager.


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