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households of the audience of Red Media

43 countries

broadcast TV channels of Red Media

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of pay TV broadcast TV channels Red Media

The company was established in 2005 and is now represented by 16 self-produced channels: 365 Dney TV, HD Life, Boets, India TV, Interesnoye TV, Komediya TV, Kuhnya TV, La-Minor, MNOGO TV, and Russkaya Noch.

Red Media's channels are distributed through cable systems and satellite operators throughout Russia, CIS countries and the Baltic states.

Red Media cooperates with the leading global studios such as BBC, NBC Universal, Discovery, Sony, RAI, AETN, Entertainment, TF1 France, RCN Television and etc.

Red Media oversees the full cycle of the channels' content production, from the concept stage to the broadcast of the television programs and films. Red Media also offers technical services to its channels, and works to optimize their advertisement capacities and distribution networks.


19 Akademika Koroleva Str., floor 3, Sector C

Moscow 127427


Phone: +7 (495) 617-95-80

E-mail: info@red-media.ru

TV channels


Muzhskoe Kino

A film television channel that caters specifically to a male audience. Available to view in HD and SD, it offers viewers 24/7 access to the best movies of the past decade in a variety of genres, including detective, action and thriller films from world-famous studios.

Broadcast since: 2015

Channel website: www.mkinotv.ru


365 Days TV

A bountiful resource on the history of Russia, the world and humanity. The channel sheds light on the greatest battles of all-time, the collapse of empires, scientific breakthroughs and the creation of artistic masterpieces, wars and international agreements, global catastrophes and geographical discoveries, local customs, social practices and traditional lifestyles. From matchmaking to banking loan stories, the channel offers a sweeping breadth of subjects to satisfy any viewer's tastes.

Broadcast since: 2006

Channel website: www.365days.ru


Kukhnya TV

Russia's first 24/7 channel for gourmands and genuine connoisseurs of culinary art. Master classes from the world's best chefs, the gastronomical tastes of celebrities, exciting family games in the kitchen, vintage recipes and home cooking traditions – all this and much more is on the menu at Kuhnya TV.

Broadcast since: 2007

Channel website: www.kuhnyatv.ru

Komedia TV

Popular domestic and foreign films channel. The best classic comedies, comedy series and humorous television shows. Side-splitting sketches and beloved comedians help to create an atmosphere of laughter and happiness.

Broadcast since: 2006

Channel website: www.comediatv.ru



Round-the-clock, exclusive reporting about celebrity lifestyles, prominent events in show business, one-on-one interviews, incredible stories and facts about the stars. The story subjects don't suspect that there are cameras following their every move in a quest to catch an intriguing moment or unexpected turn of events.

Broadcast since: 2007

Channel website: www.stvchannel.ru

2d4ab7eb00459c34903da2377ea2d34e.jpgLa Minor

Favourite artists, songwriters and performers of Russian chanson, bard songs and urban romances. The channel airs concerts, musical films, author evenings and song request programs as well as live shows with musical guests.

Broadcast since: 2006

Channel website: www.laminortv.ru


India TV

Russia's first 24-hour channel for fans of India's cinema showing Bollywood's best creations.

Broadcast since: 2006

Channel website: www.indiatv.ru


HD Life

An infotainment television channel where the exciting and eye-catching world of travel and adventure is presented in a widescreen format so that viewers can savour the fullness of the image. It is a channel about life, full of sharp turns and unforgettable stories.

Broadcast since: 2007

Channel website: www.hdlife.ru


HD Kino

The channel airs popular foreign films of the past as well as new releases fresh from the box office, all fitted with superior picture and sound quality. HD Kino covers practically all movie genres and its collection is regularly replenished with new content.

Broadcast since: 2007



Elite cinema for true connoisseurs. The channel selects the most prominent and enticing festival reels of recent years, successful author experiments, movies by famous directors and world cinema classics. More than 400 films are broadcast on the channel every year.

Broadcast since: 2002



High-profile world cinema hits from various years – Hollywood blockbusters, popular European and Asian films. The most popular genres, such as action films, comedies, thrillers and dramas from the major film studios, earn their spot on the channel's program.

Broadcast since: 2004


Nashe Novoye Kino

The most captivating and talked about premieres of Russian cinema over the past decade. A full spectre of genres to appeal to viewers, from cherished comedies, melodramas and action films to unique, indie creations. Films that had dazzling premieres and earned awards from international and domestic film festivals. The channel's collection regularly gets updated with the latest box office releases.

Broadcast since: 2005


Kino Plus

A multi-genre film channel that is included in the basic subscription package. Its versatile program features new movies and goes all the way back to beloved Soviet classics. The channel's core programming is made of action films, comedies, thrillers, melodramas, horror stories, adventures and fantasies.

Broadcast since: 2009


Nashe Kino

The best Soviet movies, filmed by famous directors with the participation of the country's most popular actors. Films that became leaders of the domestic box office in various years, and won awards in Russia and abroad. Films inspired by real events, comedies, musicals, adventures, historical period reels, dramas and melodramas.

Broadcast since: 2006



New films every day. High-profile premieres of foreign and domestic cinema. The best works of famous directors and world-famous actors. A large portion of the channel's programming is made up of films that have won prestigious awards.

Broadcast since: 2002