radio station for kids in Russia

2.3 million

Russians every day listen to Detskoe Radio


cities broadcasts radiostation in Russia

The station's programming takes into consideration the daily schedules of its listeners. As such, the morning programs are oriented at pre-schoolers, daytime programs cater to children over the age of seven, the late evenings are reserved for parents' programs and relaxing melodies that are conducive to good sleep are played on the station during nighttime.

Detskoe Radio is a family radio station that keeps growing its audience. The station's signal is accessible in many Russian cities, including all cities with a population over 1 million residents.

The radio station started its broadcasts in December 2007.


Varshavskoe Shosse, bld. 9, 1A (Gastello)

117105 Moscow


Phone: +7 495 921-40-41

E-mail: gpmradio@gpmradio.ru