18.3 million

Russians every day listen to Avtoradio


cities receive the station's signal


among russian radio on YouTube: 2.1 million subscribers

The radio station plays the most popular music and is also home to Murzilky Live, one of the most popular radio shows in Russia. Listeners can tune in to Avtoradio to hear programs with famous guests or to take part in entertaining games. The station's anchors regularly organize mass actions and special projects, some of which extend across national borders. The station also hosts the popular international music festival Diskoteka-80 (Eighties Disco) every year.

Oriented in large part at commuters, the station is a great resource for drivers who use its newscasts to get the latest information from police services, government representatives, auto journalists, fellow drivers and other members of the road culture.

A winner of multiple national awards and contests, Avtoradio has also received several prestigious international awards, including the NAB 2005 International Broadcasting Excellence Award. Avtoradio was the finalist of NYF's International Radio Program Awards in 2013 and 2014.

Avtoradio began its broadcasts on April 5, 1993. Gazprom-Media acquired the station in 2014.


Varshavskoe Shosse, bld. 9, 1A (Gastello)

117105 Moscow


Phone: +7 495 921-40-41

E-mail: gpmradio@gpmradio.ru