24.7 million

Russians watch Friday! every week

42.5 million

Russians watch Friday! every month


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The channel's viewers enjoy reality shows, cooking, shopping, fashion, movies, adventure and travel. Its programming also makes Friday! uniquely positioned to reach people who are increasingly turning away from traditional television to online entertainment. One of the biggest successes for Friday! was the launch of the travel show Oryol y Reshka (Heads or Tails). The show became a hit with the viewers and broke many stereotypes about traditional travel programs. Friday! also supports television genres that address the concerns of contemporary society, as represented by the inspection show Revizorro.

Friday! is a young channel, which started broadcasting in summer 2013. In this short period, the channel's projects have attracted a loyal audience while its viewership numbers indicate at a stable growth. The channel's successful first year of broadcasting was recognized with a TEFI national award.

Gazprom-Media acquired Friday! in 2014 and the channel is now part of the holding's Entertainment TV Group.


14 Olimpiysky prospekt

Moscow 129090


Phone: +7 (495) 783-23-06

Fax: +7 (495) 783-23-08

E-mail: info@friday.ru