TV channels are available for subscribers

65 cities

of NTV-Plus's offices

1.1 million

subscribers of NTV-Plus

Today NTV-Plus offers its subscribers more than 240 special-interest channels with a wide variety of content. Some of these channels are also transmitted in high definition and 3D formats.

The company transmits 42 Gazprom-media’s self-produced paid television channels, including 11 sports channels that offer viewers unique content that has no equivalents on the market.

NTV-Plus uses the satellites Eutelsat 36A/36B and Express-AT1 to transmit its channels to the majority of territories in Russia and Ukraine. More than 3 million people in these countries watch NTV-Plus content. Regional centers and subscriber service centers work in 50 cities that receive the NTV-Plus signal.

The company is recognized as an expert in the segment of paid satellite television and sets a high standard for broadcasts both in terms of content and the technical solutions used. NTV-Plus has won multiple prestigious awards, including the TEFI, Hot Bird TV Awards, Zolotoy Luch and Bolshaya Tsifra, and its groundbreaking work has received praise not only from industry professionals but also from viewers.


125 bld. 1 sec. 10 Varshavskoe shosse

Moscow 117545


E-mail: abonent@ntvplus.com