39.1 million

Russians watch the channel every week

54.1 million

Russians watch the channel every month


NTV’s broadcast reach

Since launching its broadcasts in 1993, NTV has popularized new television genres, such as historical documentaries, journalistic investigations, and dramatic series. The channel was the first to introduce newscasts with multiple anchors in Russia, and continues to be an innovative force on the market.

Traditionally, the most popular programs on NTV are dramatic investigations and discussions on social and political topics. News and analytics form the core of the channel's broadcasts. NTV's news service operates in a 24-hour format. Sometimes the broadcasts are conducted simultaneously from different studios and are transmitted to different orbits. The channel's news team supplies up to 16 hours of original, live content every day, while the channel's daily schedule features up to 32 issues of informative programs, such as Segodnya (Today), Chrezvychainoye Proishestviye (Emergencies), and Anatomiya Dnya (Anatomy of the Day).

In addition to Russia and the CIS countries, NTV has editorial offices in New York, Berlin, London and Brussels. The television channel simultaneously transmits five identical broadcasts, which are adapted to local times in Russia's many timezones, as a way to better accommodate its viewers.

The professionalism of NTV's creative team is highly regarded in Russia and abroad. The company has received multiple industry awards, while its correspondents, commentators and anchors are regularly honoured with top journalistic and government prizes for their work.

Since 2009, NTV offers digital broadcasts through the country's first digital multiplex.

NTV also produces two international versions for Russian-speaking audiences abroad. NTV-Mir and NTV-America are distributed via satellite and cable operators in Russia's neighbouring countries as well as the Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia.


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