Entertainment TV

All the potential and capabilities of "Gazprom-media" entertainment channels are gathered in one sub-holding. The group includes entertainment TV channels - TNT, TV-3, "Friday!", TNT4, 2x2, Comedy Club Production and Good Story Media producer companies. Clear differentiation of channels’ topics, a variety of audience segments, and effective progress in the digital-area create a special attraction for advertisers. Unique and recognizable brands, the best creative team, more than 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry - all of this leads to the success and popularity of the audience.

News TV

The segment of TV news is presented by the TV channel NTV, which is among the three leading channels of the country.

According to the results in 2014 all-Russian NTV share of TV viewing reached 11.8%. For the convenience of viewers NTV simultaneously produces five identical versions of the broadcast ("orbits"), adapted to the local time zone in different time zones in Russia and due to this has the audience of more than 90% of the country’s population.

Broadcasting of TV news of the holding "Gazprom-Media" is carried out on the territory of Russia, CIS, Europe, North America and Australia. Correspondent points in New York, Berlin, London, Paris and Tel Aviv allow to cover a wide range of news.

Professional all-Russian team of TV news has numerous industrial prizes and awards.


The activity of sub-holding GPM Match is based on the model of "Sport 360" and implies effective monetization of sports rights through all available media and user resources. "Match" includes several areas: free air federal sports channel, pay thematic TV, the main sports Internet portal, mobile applications. Subholding's partners are the leading international and Russian sports leagues and associations.

The flagship of "Gazprom-Media" sports broadcasting is the TV channel "Match TV", which represents the new face of the sport in Russia. The channel was created on the instruction of the President of Russia V.V. Putin and is currently successfully developed: rapidly responds to requests of mainstream audiences and attracts new viewers, turning the sport into a vivid emotional sphere of modern life.

Production and Distribution

Sub-holding manages the production of TV serials and feature-length movies, film distribution, provides a centralized regional and international distribution of thematic channels and exclusive rights to the library of films. One of the strategic objectives of "Gazprom-media" is the the successful development of content brands.


Management of "Gazprom-Media" radio brands carries GPM Radio. The company unites nine stations, one radio station, one online-radio and a network of branches in major cities of Russia. GPM Radio is the leader in Moscow FM-broadcasting, and radio stations of the holding are consistently among the top 10 most popular radio stations in Moscow. Radio holding actively develops new media in which it implements the promotion of the brand through the introduction of mobile services and multimedia technologies


Sub-holding GPM Technology combines all the digital companies of "Gazprom-Media" for the development of digital technologies for the entire holding and the formation of a unified digital environment for the distribution and promotion of brands. The sub-holding includes: popular video hosting Rutube, online-radio and cinema Zoomby, online resources,,,,, and others. Today, the total monthly visits to the main online resources of the holding is more than 27 million users, views of video content is more than 400 million.

Satellite TV

Sub-holding Satellite TV are included in the company TV "NTV-Plus" - the first Russian pay satellite TV Operator. The audience of the company is more than 3 million people. The company is recognized as an expert in the segment of paid satellite television and sets a high standard for broadcasts both in terms of content and the technical solutions used.

Printed Media

The holding "Gazprom-Media" combines the two publishing houses.

Publishing house "Seven Days", created in October 1995, is one of the leaders on the Russian media market.

Now, it publishes:

• A weekly magazine "Seven Days TV Program"

• A monthly magazine "Caravan of stories"

JSC "Media-press" publications are specialized in the events occurring on the Russian television and in the world of show business.
Advertising Sales

Due to the quality and coverage of the audience "Gazprom-media" sale houses offer customers and brands a variety of opportunities for promotion, including the integrating into popular television projects. A unique promotional tool "Cantata", which uses cross-platform solutions, allows us to implement large-scale sponsored campaigns in all media platforms of the holding.